The main content of automobile mold process work

2021-11-23 10:53

1. Prepare process documents. Automobile mold process documents mainly include automobile mold parts processing process rules, automobile mold assembly process points or process rules, raw material list, purchased parts list and outsourcing parts list. Mold process and technical personnel should fully understand the mold structure, working principle and requirements, combined with the conditions of the enterprise's cold and hot processing equipment, the enterprise's production and technical status and other conditions to prepare mold parts and assembly process documents.

2. Design and process preparation of second-class tools. Second-class tools (second-class tools) refer to all kinds of special tools used in processing and assembling molds. These special type of tools are generally responsible for the design and process preparation by the mold technical personnel (special part by specialized technical personnel to complete). The quality and efficiency of type II tools play an important role in the quality and production schedule of automobile molds. General tools can be restructured under objective conditions, and the number and cost of second-class tools should be reduced to the minimum level objectively allowed. The two kinds of tools that are often designed are non-standard reamer and milling cutter, various profile inspection samples, non-standard gauges, profile inspection with die and edM electrode, profile inspection magnification, etc.

3. Deal with the technical problems of automobile mold processing site. To solve the technology, quality and production management problems in the process of mold parts processing and assembly is one of the regular work of mold technology technicians, such as the interpretation of process documents and technical guidance, adjustment of processing schemes and methods.

4. Participate in mold testing and identification. The trial punching and pressure test of various automobile molds after assembly is an important link in mold production. The technical personnel of automobile molds and other related personnel analyze technical problems and propose solutions through trial punching and pressure test, and make correct conclusions about the final technical quality state of automobile molds.